Retrouvez Michèle Goëmon sur Resalib : annuaire, référencement et prise de rendez-vous pour les Énergéticiens

The Huckleberry Tree Circle

2nd April 2023


I invite you with great pleasure to the Huckleberry Circle, happening once a month at full moon.

I chose this moment to let go, liberate, heal, and increase our precious energy, take care of our beautiful life… a moment for self-healing and healing together, in silence.

Something like the circles forming around a drop falling in the pond.
Starting with a light drop, fully regenerate.

Yes, I know, you can be a little far, geographically… maybe it gives you an opportunity to visit and discover a new place, maybe you know someone around, maybe you already belong to a group…
so, invite me for a Circle nearby…

I’m in a hurry to see you, with Joy!


Le Cellier, rue de l’Occitanie, 34210 FELINES-MINERVOIS, HERAULT

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